What Does a Music Producer Do?

“Today, the words I often hear misused are Artist and Producer. Indeed, the phrase, “I’m a Producer,” falls all too easily from the lips of anyone who owns Garage Band or has downloaded a “beat.” In truth, just as it takes hours of woodshedding to become a professional guitarist, drummer, or singer, it takes a whole lot more than simply owning a piece of recording equipment to be a Record Producer.”

Read more from the article published in Careers in Music (13 November 2019).

Notes From Philadelphia

Louis deLise created, wrote and produced the radio program series, Notes From Philadelphia on a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts. The programs aired on WFLN-FM and WRTI-FM in Philadelphia. The second program in the series won the national “Award of Excellence” from the Communicator Awards in 1998.

Using Copyrighted Music in Your Presentations

Article in Speaker Magazine of the National Speakers Association

Music First!

Gary C. White, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Contributor with Dr. Steven Estrella

The Professional Songwriter: Songwriting, Recording and Making Money With Your Music

Textbook on songwriting and the music business, published Sept 2019. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookseller.

The I—vi—IV—V or I—vi—ii—V Chord Progression

Partial list of songs that use the I—vi—IV—V or I—vi—ii—V chord progression as their harmonic basis here.