The Recordings

The Philadelphia Studio Strings

Ever since I first heard the playback of my first string and horn arrangement recorded at a large studio, I was hooked! I love recording! Making great music sound magnificent is my professional passion.

The philosophy that undergirds all of my production work is simple: Create recordings I want to listen to. Period.

How I work

I partner with talented songwriters and singers to help develop them as artists. I work with them to improve their singing and performing, help them create their unique identity, refine their songs and consult with them about how they can achieve success in the music business. In the old record business paradigm, this process was called “artist development.”

Working with developing artists is perhaps the single most important and fun thing I do.

If we choose to work together—right, I do not choose to work with everyone—then our goal will be to together refine your vision for your music and for you as an artist.

Click Here to see a list of some of the recordings I have had the honor to work on as either a producer, arranger or both.

Below, listen to some of my work.

Title, Artist Credit Listen
Inseparable, Megan Rose arranger, producer & performer
He, Lyz King song co-writer, arranger, producer
Faces, Lyz King song co-writer, arranger, producer
Your Kiss, Josi Davis song co-writer, arranger, producer
Keeping You Alive, Alex Kyllonen arranger, producer & performer
Without You, Lyz King song co-writer, arranger, producer & performer
Wreckage in the Dust, Bruce McFarland arranger, producer, conductor & performer
To & Fro, Liz de Lise arranger, producer, conductor & performer
Mesmerized, Philly Nouveau song co-writer, arranger, producer, performer
Another Fall in Philadelphia, Philly Nouveau songwriter, arranger, producer
When Did You Stop, Philly Nouveau song co-writer, arranger, producer, performer
The Gospel According to Patti LaBelle,  Patti LaBelle “You Are My Friend” string arranger and conductor
Timeless Journey, Patti LaBelle “2 Steps Away” string arranger and conductor
Be Thankful for What You Got, William DeVaughn Entire album; song co-writer, arranger, co-producer, conductor
Home, from the band SPiN “Home” string arranger and conductor
Burn, from the band Fruit “Burn,” “If Only the Sun,” “Peace” string arranger and conductor