On his latest album entitled Natural Light, Louis Anthony deLise infuses neoclassical and contemporary instrumental motifs with subtle atmospheric jazz.

Candice Michelle/ Aural Awakenings

“On his latest album entitled Natural Light, Louis Anthony deLise infuses neoclassical and contemporary instrumental motifs with subtle atmospheric jazz. Featuring Nancy Rumbel’s wistful wind instruments and Jeff Oster’s sensuous flugelhorn on a couple of cuts, Natural Light gracefully alternates between minimalist solo piano and understated ensemble pieces comprised of pensive yet leisurely melodies, which often bear a mysterious touch of romantic lounge noir!”


Listen to this album with not just your ears but with all your heart.

Ricky Kej – Grammy® Award Winning Composer

“Natural Light is an album that compels you to step out of the shadows and bask in your raw emotions. Each song draws you in and lets you revel in its marvelously rich layers of Piano, Percussion and so much more. Listen to this album with not just your ears but with all your heart. ”


The over-arching mood is somber and melancholic, but the variety of ways that deLise takes you there is astounding and supremely enjoyable.

Retailing Insight magazine by Bill Binkleman

Louis Anthony deLise describes his music as “Contemporary New Age and Neo-Classical,” but I think this sells his album short. Yes, those elements are present, but there’s so much more as well, e.g. traditional pop, ambient, jazz. The level of imagination, creativity, musicianship, and composition talent impressed me before the end of the first track, “Mosaic.” deLise plays piano, marimba, trap drums, tabla, glockenspiel, percussion, and amazing keyboard samples, including fantastic orchestral string. The album also features Nancy Rumbel (oboe/English horn), Jeff Oster (trumpet), Christine Hansen (flutes), and Marjam Ingolffsson (cello). The over-arching mood is somber and melancholic, but the variety of ways that deLise takes you there is astounding and supremely enjoyable.


“Natural Light” is a richly hued, magically magnificent recording that’s in a league of its own.

NATURAL LIGHT by Louis Anthony deLise. Album review (07/12/2019) by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter

“Natural Light” is a richly hued, magically magnificent recording that’s in a league of its own.

No doubt about it. Natural light is rich and diverse. It’s simple and complex at the same time. Unlike artificial light, natural light is comprised of all the colors of the rainbow and is “created” by a range of different wavelengths of light radiating from the sun. Mix those colors altogether again and we get white; purity. And, as well, natural light is something we can get creative with in a variety of ways to achieve different results depending upon what we’re trying to do. Like that, “Natural Light,” the album, is a richly hued, magically magnificent recording that’s in a league of its own.

“Natural Light” is the first solo piano album from award-winning composer and producer Louis Anthony deLise. However, holding a Doctor of Musical Arts in musical composition, Dr. deLise has had an illustrious musical career that includes thousands of hours of recording studio work as a session player, an arranger, a conductor and a record producer.

His accomplishments include playing percussion in orchestras that accompanied such notables as Tony Bennett, Luciano Pavarotti, Beverly Sills, Mel Tormé, and more, as well as producing, arranging and conducting on releases on the CBS, EMI, Mercury, Centaur, Vanguard, and Def-Soul ecord labels. Louis was arranger and conductor on Grammy® winner Patti LaBelle’s Billboard number one hit album, The Gospel According to Patti LaBelle. Along the way, he has maintained an active career as a published composer of concert music. You know. He’s a real composer.

Supporting Louis’ personally reflective piano melodies on “Natural Light” are luscious layers of strings, bass, flutes, cello, oboe, horns, and unusual percussion, all in an outstanding, marvelous mix. Some of the percussion instrumentation incorporates the marimba, glockenspiel, and children’s toy bells, and an antique Constantinople K. Zildjian cymbal, to name a few. This combination ultimately creates a comforting, cozy bed of warm ambiance that cradles sensitively and artistically around the compositions.

The album also features the musical artistry of Grammy® winner Nancy Rumbel and the multiple award-winning trumpeter and flugelhorn artist, Jeff Oster. Master flutist Christine Hansen and cellist Marjam Ingolfsson are additional guest artists.

The eleven-track album opens with the absolutely gorgeous “Mosaic,” featuring Nancy Rumbel’s warm English horn lead intertwined expertly with strings, piano, and interesting percussion. Nancy is a co-composer (album version) on this track. Together deLise and Rumbel are extraordinary.

A lovely piano solo, “In the Edge of the Water,” follows. Inspired by the discovery that the poet Walt Whitman once lived near Louis’ home and reportedly enjoyed walking barefoot near the many streams and creeks
there, this is contemplative, compelling, and enjoyable.

One standout on the album is the sultry “Spring Rain,” featuring the inimitable horn of Jeff Oster winding in and out of this captivating composition. I love that you can hear the rain here in all the right places. And Louis’ piano performance is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s a favorite to enjoy again and again.

“And Then She Was Gone,” “Variations on Moonlight,” “American Darkness,” and “But Not Forgotten,” are piano solos, each beautifully composed and sensitively played. The exquisite tonality of the Yamaha C3 grand piano really shines through. And there is something truly special about Louis’ piano playing. It flows effortlessly.

A deeply personal improvisation, “Early January,” is thoughtful and pensive as Louis pays tribute to his late brother and ponders the temporary nature of life. The flowing flute of Christine Hansen and the smooth, rich cello of Marjam Ingolfsson both add deep and reflective layers.

Another favorite is “Autumn Twilight” with its elegant and cinematic feel. Harp, strings, and piano, blend together into a soft, pastel palette with Nancy Rumbel’s melodious oboe artistry incorporated in. Truly enchanting and very relaxing. Nancy is a co-composer (album version) on this track as well.

Belying the biting cold connotation of that season, there is something very warm and inviting about “Winter’s Chill.” The glockenspiel, non-pitched percussion, and marimba wrap their arms engagingly around the perfectly paced piano lead.

This may be a case of saving the best for last, but we can’t really state so definitively because the whole album is so amazing. That said, the title track “Natural Light” closes out the album. Rhythmic, hypnotic, graceful, melodic, the piece is worth the wait. Here, four alto flutes, played masterfully by Christine Hansen, plus one of her C flutes as contrast on the bridge, make the heart soar. As well, Indian tabla, hand drum, concert bass drum, warm strings, and small percussion, flow along together like smooth silk with the euphonious piano melody. It’s the perfect close.

“Natural Light” is a “must have,” soul-soothing, emotionally evocative treasure. You will want to get the whole album.

Rating: Excellent


All of the instrumentation is incredibly good…

NATURAL LIGHT by Louis Anthony deLise. Album review (07/11/2019) by Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck for Zone Music Reporter

My very first journey into the music of Louis Anthony deLise proved to be quite special. Natural Light is a stunning recording. Right from the outset, I was mesmerized by this music.

Excerpt From Artist Website: Louis Anthony deLise is an award-winning composer, record producer, arranger, and conductor. His compositions for soloists and ensembles have been recorded and are often performed worldwide. His arranging and conducting work appear on albums alongside that of many of the world’s top pop artists including, Carlos Santana, Sheila E., Wynonna Judd, Kanye West, CeCe Winans, and Paul Shaffer.

That is enough to pique any music lovers’ interest I would think? With one look at the artwork on the cover of this CD, and I could tell the right message was being relayed to a perspective audience and more importantly to me, the next listener.

All of the instrumentation is incredibly good. Louis plays the acoustic piano, amongst other things, quite brilliantly. And it does not hurt to have on hand Jeff Oster (trumpet), Nancy Rumbel (oboe and English horn), Christine Hansen (flute and alto flute) and Marjam Ingolffson (cello) added to mix to complete each individual track with taste and preciseness.

“Spring Rain” was the first track that gave me the warm and fuzzy feelings of satisfaction. The rain in spring by definition brings the hope of a new day, sunshine and the coming of summer, flowers blooming and all the trees turning green. With added sounds of nature on the track, I felt like I was inside the song, living the moment within the time and space that mother nature does her work. It’s a beautiful thing to understand and accept how we are intrinsically linked to the earth and all living things.

“Autumn Twilight” brings another season as the leaves turn, the air gets crisper and the colors are vibrant along roadsides and in the mountains of the Northeast. I live it every year and absolutely love it. Ask any New Englander what is their favorite season and I bet they say the fall. Then, of course, the imminent old man winter comes in to freeze the earth and put our grand Mother into hibernation on “Winter’s Chill.” The progression of the tracks is perfect, in sync with the balance of nature and most certainly with this listener.

After all, this is the reason I was so taken right away listening to this album, its musical perfection as far as I am concerned. There probably is not a musician in the world that would say their music is perfect but from where I sit, all I needed to hear was the 11 tracks of new age instrumentals. The occasional elements of jazz painted in and around the canvas of this musical vision made it all even tastier. It is a picture I would want to look at more than once and so will you once you hear it!

Rating: Excellent


My five-word review would be: “Natural Light is beyond beautiful!”

Mainly Piano, Review by Kathy Parsons

Natural Light is Louis Anthony deLise’s first album as featured soloist (piano), but don’t let that “first” status fool you! Dr. deLise has spent a lifetime working with a dizzying number of top-notch artists within a jaw-dropping variety of music genres. Immersed in music ranging from pop to chamber, choral and orchestral, deLise has developed a unique musical voice capable of expressing anything he chooses. The eleven original pieces on the album are a blend of solo piano and piano with orchestration. (An all-solo piano version of the album will be released later this summer, and a sheet music book is also available.) Guest artists include Jeff Oster (trumpet), Nancy Rumbel (oboe and English horn), Christine Hansen (flute and alto flute), and Marjam Ingolffsson (cello). In addition to the piano, deLise performs on marimba, glockenspiel, toy bells, trap drums, tabla, small percussion and sampler array. I usually review more than 150 albums a year, many of them extraordinary, so it takes a very special album to blow me away. Natural Light has certainly done that! My five-word review would be: “Natural Light is beyond beautiful!”

Natural Light opens with “Mosaic,” a mysterious piece that begins with a repeated piano pattern before adding twinkling bells (marimba or glockenspiel). The middle section of the piece is more orchestrated with strings and Nancy Rumbel’s English horn, and then “Mosaic” returns to the opening passage with some additional orchestration. It’s a haunting and intriguing opener! “Variations on Moonlight” is a free-flowing piano solo that expresses both the drama and the subtlety of moonlight. From powerful chords to an almost ambient softness, it’s a beauty! “Spring Rain” features Jeff Oster playing a muted trumpet behind deLise’s evocative piano. Light percussion gives the piece an elegant smooth jazz feeling – I really like this one! “In the Edge of the Water” is the second piano solo and captures the relaxed, effortless ebb and flow of water on the shoreline. “Early January” is an exquisite trio for piano, flute and cello that almost makes you feel a chill in the air! The piece began as a tearful improvisation at the piano as deLise remembered his late brother, Michael. The piece “sings” about the impermanence of life. Deep sadness and feelings of longing are expressed in “And Then She Was Gone.” (I’m looking forward to the sheet music for this one!) On “Autumn Twilight,” deLise and Rumbel (plus harp and light orchestration) paint a magical and mysterious picture in deep tonal colors – love it! I’m not sure what “American Darkness” refers to since there have been so many tragedies of late, but the poignant and deeply moving piece is my favorite on the album. The gorgeous title track is a piece for piano, alto flute, light percussion and orchestration. Gently expressive yet sometimes soaring, it’s a wonderful close to an outstanding album!

Natural Light is available from, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby as well as many streaming sites. Very highly recommended!


Amazing musical experiences Louis Anthony deLise – NATURAL LIGHT

Contemporary Fusion Reviews (4.7.19)Dick Metcalf, editor

Amazing musical experiences Louis Anthony deLise – NATURAL LIGHT:  There are certain performances that bring back most pleasant musical mem’ries for me… of my grandmother playing classical piano; my enjoyable experiences singing in youth chorales; and my parents teaching old and young folks how to “bring on the spirit” through music… Louis Anthony deLise’s first solo album is one of those performances, without a doubt.

Regarding his compositions, Louis says “All of the pieces began life as improvisations borne out of a reflection about something” … one of the songs that stirred my own inner being with the fire of the spirits is the beautiful “Spring Rain” (featuring my musical friend Jeff Oster on trumpet)… what sets Louis’s music apart from all the others is the excellent “pacing”, and this tune is the most unique example I’ve heard for the POWER of music (yet) in 2019… he proves himself a true master with this lush composition!

Nancy Rumbel’s enchanting English horn on the opener, “Mosaic” , is simply haunting… a magical (yet tender) piano intro segues ever-so-gently into Nancy’s lead, joined by magical strings and percussive elements that will hold you totally spellbound.

Dr. deLise’s piano on “American Darkness” evokes strong emotions; it was composed spontaneously… in his own words… “On the day after the Russian attack on our democracy (9 November 2016), I sat at the piano and improvised. This ‘love letter to America’ is the music that came out… ” I found myself captivated by his playing and expression.  This is one of my favorite performances on the album.

Of the eleven songs Louis offers up, it was easy to choose my personal favorite… “Winter’s Chill” features Nancy Rumbel’s oboe work, with svelte harp and heart-tugging strings is definitely my “pick”… I predict that this piece will get MANY spins on DJ playlists ’round the globe! I give Louis a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of a (perfect) 5.00… meaning that it also gets my “PICK” for “most reflective and powerful album”.  Learn more about Louis and his broad spectrum of musical experience on the site.