A GIFT OF MOMENTS New music from composer, Louis Anthony deLise
the highly-anticipated second album with Louis Anthony deLise as the featured artist…Kathy Parsons,

About A Gift of Moments

“The title, A Gift of Moments, comes from something a friend wrote about her deceased husband. She described their too-short time together as, ‘a gift of moments.’ (Time with someone you love is always ‘too short,’ isn’t it?)” So writes composer-pianist-percussionist Louis Anthony deLise.

deLise has played on, composed for and produced many, many albums by a full range of artists that include Grammy-winners Patti LaBelle, Peter Nero and the band Halestorm.

His debut album, Natural Light (2019) reached the Top Ten of the Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) charts, was nominated as “Best Neoclassical Album” by the One World Music Awards and earned deLise a nomination as ZMR’s “Best New Artist” of 2019.

All the pieces on A Gift of Moments are in some way about love: of a mate, of family, our way of life, and those beliefs we hold most dear. Louis’ compositions flow elegantly from classical to pop, ambient to orchestral.